I’ve just got home from a birthday drinks of a friend where I ran into a guy I was crushing on big time a few months ago. He’d just got back with his ex-boyfriend at the time but is now single again. I’ve long given up hope of anything ever happening but just before my friends and I left, I saw him with his hand on the knee of some guy that was off his tree on party favours. I can’t decide if it’s more of a slap in the face or kick in the guts?

Update: You are all right. I wrote this last night when I was tired and upset. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone finding anyone attractive, physically or mentally. I was feeling ugly and dejected about a whole range of things last night. I’ve taken the word ugly out, because it’s not nice and it shouldn’t have been in there. Apologies. In the past I’ve definitely found guys very attractive for more than the physical and if I ever find someone to settle down with I’m hoping that we’ll have many years together to get fat, saggy and old together but keep making each other smile.