Crappy day

Today is one of those days for me where I just feel like curling up in a ball and crying in a corner somewhere for no real good reason. It started yesterday to be honest at pole dancing class. I keep meeting all these gorgeous guys that are unavailable and/or uninterested, then at the same time I was doing some photography that didn’t go that well and even though it.. Read More

This helps

I’m having one of those poor me kinda days. I just got this on facebook and it brought a smile to my face for a little while. Tiny kids laughing is just so infectious.

Which is it?

I’ve just got home from a birthday drinks of a friend where I ran into a guy I was crushing on big time a few months ago. He’d just got back with his ex-boyfriend at the time but is now single again. I’ve long given up hope of anything ever happening but just before my friends and I left, I saw him with his hand on the knee of some.. Read More