Last night’s little venture into the world of anonymous sex venues was a rare one for me and nearly didn’t happen. I was tired and not very sexy but after having something to eat when I got home and a nice hot shower and doing my grooming I decided I should go. I ended up being quite a tramp which was exactly what I needed. There was one guy that just would not take no for an answer and every time I passed him in the corridoor or steam room he would go the grope. Eventually, after trying to be polite I told him to fuck off.

At the end of my visit I was chatting to a guy I know there who does massage at the venue and the other guy behind the counter, who had seen me walking around with a hard on and stuff, asks me “Do you have a blog?” Damn, that still takes some getting used to, especially in a situation like that. Then I got home and someone a bit later posted a comment on my post about going to the bathouse saying “That was a great shag tonight – cheers.” I don’t know if that is for real or someone having a laugh, but at least it’s a good review, but why not say something at the time? Too funny.