Seeking Shelter?

I watched “Shelter” this afternoon, starring Trevor Wright as Zach an artist who has sacrificed huge things to help his self absorbed sister look after her son. He finds himself in love with his best mate’s older brother who challenges him to go after what he really wants. It’s a beautifully told story and rings fairly true as a coming out tale. Brad Rowe plays his love interest and does.. Read More

Ahh that’s better, but a little strange

Last night’s little venture into the world of anonymous sex venues was a rare one for me and nearly didn’t happen. I was tired and not very sexy but after having something to eat when I got home and a nice hot shower and doing my grooming I decided I should go. I ended up being quite a tramp which was exactly what I needed. There was one guy that.. Read More

Body’s a temple – Jay Brannan

Not long after Shortbus came out I emailed Jay Brannan asking to do an interview for the blog. He was very polite and flattered but declined saying he’d rather let his music speak for itself. Speak for itself it certainly does. This is his new song “Body’s a temple” and it’s a beautiful song with a simple and beautiful video.