I know I’m a bit late for HNT this week but I thought I’d share a photo of me doing the washing up while I was away with my friends for our nude weekend away.

Will it hurt?

I have a confession to make. It’s been 5 months. Not since my last confession, but since my last shag. I’ve had some fun with guys here and there but it was very early January that I last had any back door action, from either direction. Tonight I’m taking myself off to the bathouse to get some action. To be honest I’d prefer something with a bit of emotion but.. Read More

Sorry posting is a bit slow

Sorry posting is a bit slow this week. I have started a 6 – 8 week contract and working 8:30 – 5:30 has been a shock to the system after barely having any work for weeks but a welcome change. Last night I babysat my niece (nearly 3) and nephew (5.5) and for once they were REALLY good for me. Laughing, giving me hugs, doing what they were told and.. Read More