Last night was an education for me. It was the farewell party for my trapeze teacher who is off to Europe for 10 weeks. We started at a nearby pub with a very mixed crowd but then 5 of us headed to the Sly Fox, the nearby Dyke Bar. The three teachers from my aerial school are dykes from 23 to 35 and I have to say listening to them changed a whole lot of ideas.

The stereotypical view of lesbians is that they move in and live happily ever after in monogamy town for life while we gay boys are supposedly out fucking everything that moves. Two of the girls are in relationships that are pretty rocky and the single one has had two disfunctional monogamous relationships and they were all kissing other people last night who were not their girlfriends, and two of them pashed each other. So much for the U-haul and the beagle.