Why do we love the bad guys?

My previous post about good versus evil got me thinking about why we like bad boys. The dark character in that video was the one that always appealed to me more. Boys with an edge are so sexy for some reason. Tattoos used to be the domain of bad boys but now that just about every second queen has one it’s lost its effect a bit. Is that why tattoos.. Read More

Potential song for routine?

A while ago I posted about having a bit of a retro moment and downloading songs from my teenage years. This song by Shakespeare’s Sister, a side project of one of the girls from Bananarama in 1992, always appealed to me in a bonkers tale of good versus evil, love conquering death kinda way and it’s dark and brooding love story. After listening to it several times over the last.. Read More

Five naked gymnasts

We may never know what inspired this video, yet we should be very grateful that it was taken. Five gymnasts each take a turn doing a tumbling routine then fling themselves of a mini trampoline, all nude. It sure looks like fun though! GymnasticsUploaded by surfbare1