The start of a great thing?

Matthew Mitchum, 20, has become the first ever Australian to represent his country at the Olympics as an openly gay athlete! There was no carefully orchestrated PR release. Nor was it a response to threatened blackmail from a spurned lover or bitter rival. No, Matthew just casually slipped the information into the conversation while talking to a reporter about the upcoming games, probably unaware of the milestone he was setting… Read More

Sexy, wet acrobats

OK, so you find one video on youtube and you keep following link after link after link and today it’s a constant stream of flexible athletic contortionists. I have no idea what Les Farfadais is but it’s sexy. Now if only they were really nude!


Usually when people are really strong they aren’t that flexible and when they are very flexible they aren’t really strong. Every now and then you see someone that breaks those conventions. This performance is so beautiful. Dima is obviously incredibly strong and incredibly flexible and the performance is just so elegantly executed. So jealous.