Madonna has gone and done it to us again. According to DNA Magazine, when asked if she would include Australia on the Sticky and Sweet tour Her Madgesty replied “It’s the least I can do.” Apparently it’s not the least she could do. The least she could do is not bother once more to show her appreciation to the hundreds of thousands of Aussies that have supported her ego through all these years of musical ups and downs and mutton dressed as lamb fashion choices.

I’m sure she’ll come up with a sterling reason for not coming this time. The reason the Confessions tour didn’t make it was because her children needed to get back to school. Yeah right, like those spoilt indulged brats aren’t home schooled anyway. We may not have a huge population down here but every other tour manages to make it down here, although we are still waiting for news on Kylie… tick tock tick tock.