Oh god yeah

I have to admit that I’m usually not that turned on by the mega muscled kinda guys but something about this guy really pops my cookies. He’s Brazilian Carlos Tomaiolo, winner of the 2006 Garato Fitness Contest and new cover boy for A Capa in very nearly all his glory. He appeared to me in a vision this morning, well, on Made In Brazil anyway. I would feel very comfortable.. Read More

And the winner is

David Cook has just taken out American Idol 7, in what could be seen as a bit of an upset win over David Archuleta, but if he’s going to sing as well as this all the time, he’s going to be great. It’s a brave man that tackles a U2 number. U2 fans are very passionate purists and don’t like people messing with their stuff, but I think he did.. Read More

Modelicious Bandwagon – Eric

This is Eric Bivoino. He’s with Major Models and after seeing him on the cover of Tetu magazine all over the gay blogosphere I decided to go have a look at his other photos. He certainly is a delightfully handsome young fellow isn’t he? The kind of sweet apple pie kinda guy you could take home to Mum. And you could just use his chest as a pillow! Now that.. Read More