How sexy

I don’t have a lot to say today I’m afraid. I’m in a bit of a flat mood. Nothing bad, just quiet and contemplative. So I thought I’d share this video that I found. It’s from Big Brother Norway/Sweden from two years ago. I love how casual these guys are with their nudity together, even quite openly looking at each other, in a completely non-sexual way. I may be totally way off beam here but I genuinely believe a lot of Europe is much more comfortable with nudity than say the U.S. the U.K. or Australia.

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  1. 1 DanNaked

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think their nudity would be more casual if they didn’t cover their crotches with their hands. (Needless to say, if it were my hand covering their crotches, this would not be a concern.)

  2. 2 Trevor

    I would be quite comfortable being nude with you, Brenton :-P
    Agree with comments: look how many nude beaches there are in Europe…it is “normal”

  3. 3 JT

    What’s got me a bit confused is that blond boy was tugging his willie most of the time. What’s that all about?

  4. 4 Jo Kristian

    They are Swedes.

    I think you’re right that most Europeans are more relaxed about nudity than most US guys, at least. I’ve been amazed some times at how uptight many US guys are (not all, of course), while most European guys don’t mind at all being naked with other guys. Going to nude beaches is not considered very strange either…

    However, I wonder how far into the Big Brother series this was. I think it’s natural at first that the guys cover up – after all, they’re not used to being naked on national television. However, I would expect them to “forget” that after a while. And actually, it seems they do forget at times…

  5. 5 Tom

    Everything’s always “how sexy this” or “how sexy that” with you. Do yo have any thoughts in your ‘brain’ that aren’t related to sex?

  6. 6 Liam

    Are these scenes really shown on (non-cable) television in Sweden? The Aussie Big Bro also has plenty of shower time nudity (at least from what I’ve seen on the web), but I wonder if those are out-takes that never made it on air.

    US Big Brother is one of the worst shows on air. It’s just a house filled with drama queens and publicity hounds and they do nothing except whisper and play ridiculous elimination games in their backyard. There is no drama and no continuity in the alliances. Survivor is edited much better. And plenty of people on the US-BB are just plain ugly (Nikomas, anyone?).

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