Beefy guys being punched in the ring

Joe Oppedisano has a new DVD and Calendar coming out called Knockout. It features two brothers, some hot models and even a COLT model. Centred around mixed discipline martial arts and ultimate fighting it’s pretty dripping in testosterone. Check out the trailer. Source: Towleroad

So achingly beautiful

  These images turned up in my email this morning and I absolutely love them. I have no idea who took them, nor who the guy in them is but I do know he’s got a killer body and the setting is stunning. I’ve often thought, since the possibility of performing silks entered my head, of the logistics of performing over water and these photographs have just proven that it.. Read More

Going blind

Hear that noise? Exactly. That deafening silence is the response I’m getting online for some action. I haven’t had sex in months because I’m more in the headspace of romance rather than raunchy action but every now and then a man needs some flesh on flesh contact and today I’m in one of those moods. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a fuck, just some fooling around with a sticky wet.. Read More