All men suck, it’s official, and not in the good way. Last night was date #5 with Mr Tall. Easy conversation, good cuddles, lots of laughs, but as my fairy tales post suggested, I didn’t quite know where I stood. Mixed messages abounded. We’d had two sleep over dates but no shagging which while a little frustrating, I thought was quite sweet.

Last night he explained why he’d been a bit stand off-ish, and it’s ranking right up there as one of the top reasons for not dating me. Apparently I remind him too much physically of the guy that left his sister at 8 months pregnant never to be seen again. Um what? Someone hurt your sister and I remind you of him physically so you can’t date me? Did I forget to mention this psychologically damaging even happened FOURTEEN years ago?!?!  Would it be wrong to suggest therapy for trust and commitment issues?