Imagine going through life looking like this? Granted you’d probably get a few interesting looks walking around in some very skimpy N2N swimwear all the time and the rest of the time would be spent in the gym but hell, I wouldn’t mind.

Those nipples are the sort of thing you see emblazoned on armoured breast plates in movies like Gladiator, not on real people. Is one for volume and the other one for tuning the radio? Tune in to the sweet sweet sounds of dying happy on radio body-2-die-for.

My plans to be a super disciplined gym machine have all been trashed in a mess of bad nights sleep and total lack of discipline as usual. Where do these guys find the motivation? Perhaps in stunning photos of themselves. My consolation to myself is that by not having a chest, it will never turn into bitch tits. Yay for me. A cottage cheese arse is surely more comfortable than the half coconuts these boys have to sit on, the poor things. Maybe he needs a hug to comfort him?