Every year or two on Big Brother Australia we have a housemate that delivers the goods when it comes to the shower. This year it’s Rory. He’s a 21 year old bricklayer with blonde dreadlocks and size 13 feet. I don’t think he’s going to win any Rhodes Scholarships but he’s a bit of rough trade that could keep me warm on occasion.

They’ve put some interesting characters in the house this year. Firstly there’s Cory, the young guy that got a lot of press for throwing a party that 500 people turned up to and assaulted the police. Dumb as a post. Rebecca, a personal trainer and very pretty but, dumb as a post. She’s destined for the cover of an airbrushed men’s magazine about an hour after eviction.  Brigitte, heart of gold, but more at home bumping and grinding behind a  coin operated two way mirror. Dumb as a post.  Travis swears he’s straight and is a total virgin. He was going to kiss a girl with tongue once but he thought he’d catch something. Gayer than Christmas. There are others, but they aren’t that interesting yet.

If you want to see more pics of Rory and a link to download the video of him in the shower, head on over to All Aussie Beef.