BIG Brother

Every year or two on Big Brother Australia we have a housemate that delivers the goods when it comes to the shower. This year it’s Rory. He’s a 21 year old bricklayer with blonde dreadlocks and size 13 feet. I don’t think he’s going to win any Rhodes Scholarships but he’s a bit of rough trade that could keep me warm on occasion. They’ve put some interesting characters in the.. Read More

Where, Why and How?

Abercrombie’s new Quarterly magazine is only going to be released in Europe for a rumoured $200 per issue. Now I know the old ones are highly sought after collectable items, but doesn’t this just smack of commercialism? Granted, there will be a load of people that buy it, especially since they’ve allegedly stuck to the successful formula of having lots of hot naked men running around, perhaps looking for their.. Read More

Let’s welcome Bryce

This specimen of youthful beauty and perfection is Bryce Durfee. It’s this kind of youth  and flawlessness that makes me feel old, haggard and fat. Actually, is it possible to feel fat and scrawny at the same time? You know what I mean, you look in the mirror and there’s a layer that has started to insulate everything, but there’s still not enough muscle underneath either. I really like these.. Read More

Get out into it!

After watching the Scenic Boys latest video of another camping excursion I really want to get out into nature. The break on Fraser Island was a little tease of how nice it is. I would love to go camping and rough it and just breathe in the fresh air and sounds of nature with a few mates. I’m going to have to do some research on places that it might.. Read More


I’m bored with all my photos at the moment, most of them are close to a year old now and I am not very patient or inspired when it comes to doing self portraits. Are there any local aspiring photographers who need practice? I can’t afford to pay a photographer and most aspiring photographers can’t afford to pay models. Could be mutually beneficial!