No need to ask, no need to tell

Every now and then you click on a link that just takes you to a place that opens your eyes a little bit wider. I found this video on youtube of a hot military boy deepthroating a banana. I have to ask why? Why does a straight military boy in an army that doesn’t tolerate gays, feel the need to go along with a video that makes him look like.. Read More

Who is this Modelicious guy?

The patient man has been lusting over this guy for a while and I have to say, while he’s clearly very young, he’s also very hot. Cheekbones you could cut paper with, a strong jaw, soft kissable lips and a chest perfect for covering in… kisses. Does anyone know who he is?

Bunch o’ Butts

Yesterday managed to escape from my clutches before I could manage to post anything I’m sorry. I was working all day and then had to eat and do some other bits and pieces before trapeze class where we learnt some moves that if I have my way, I will never use in a show because they just hurt to freaking much. So to start my Tuesday here at Aussielicious I’m.. Read More