When it comes to relationships and the politics of dating I’m absolutely useless, especially if reading between the lines is necessary. I like the fairy story kinda deal, Princess is in an awkward predicament she probably could fathom a way out off, Prince rides up, says “I’ll save you because I love you”, does exactly what he says and then rides off into the sunset with his beloved knowing exactly where she stands, or sits, or bounces up and down.

My fairy story seems to be written by someone working with codes for the Nazis in WW2. I’m having to read between the lines and when that happens Snow white doesn’t get woken by a kiss from her Prince, the Prince instead shows all the body language of wanting to kiss her and even talks about waking her with a kiss but somehow, despite making eyes at her, thinks he might have to think about the pros and cons a bit more and get the dwarves to watch over her a bit longer.