Anthony Larrisey sent me through these images yesterday of this series he’s been working on for a while. Anthony is a brilliant bodypaint artist that has been seen on the pages of Aussielicious a few times before. I can’t imagine how time consuming it must be to paint fishnets on a guy.

This has reminded me of something I saw on a profile on manhunt. Some guy had written “If you wear low v-neck t-shirts and have a drag queen for a friend then we won’t get on and I’m not interested.” Are some guys still so threatened by their own sexuality and full of self-hatred that they can’t chill out and have a bit of fun. I thought as gay men, we’d earned the right to express the feminine side we are supposed to be in touch with, even if it is for a laugh. Personally, I’m fine with the fact that I’m not the most butch thing in the world, nor the most camp and I love a bit of genderfuck theatrics if they are done well.