HNT – Cocktails

I haven’t participated in HNT for a LONG time but I thought it was time. This photo isn’t the best but it sums up the time we had on Fraser Island. No I don’t mean we were drunk all the time but we just went with the flow and chilled out a lot which I think we all needed. The drinks are the $7 daiquiri slushies. The Fruit Tingle ones.. Read More


Anthony Larrisey sent me through these images yesterday of this series he’s been working on for a while. Anthony is a brilliant bodypaint artist that has been seen on the pages of Aussielicious a few times before. I can’t imagine how time consuming it must be to paint fishnets on a guy. This has reminded me of something I saw on a profile on manhunt. Some guy had written “If.. Read More

Do straight guys?

Something I’ve noticed going to nude beaches in a largely gay friendly city like Sydney is that the gay population is probably over-represented in numbers on nude beaches. Are gay men more comfortable nude than straight guys? Is it because we’ve already broken a huge taboo in being gay in the first place, so getting your cock out is nothing by comparison? Obviously there are countless straight guys and girls.. Read More