Some new tricks for this old dog

This is a new combo of tricks with a new one at the end that we’ve been working on for the last two classes at pole dancing. SO scary the first couple of times you do it, but quite ok now. Just need to make it all a bit smoother and prettier now.

Simply stunning

This was one of my major inspirations for starting aerials classes. I’ve always loved Cirque Du Soleil since I first saw Saltimbanco live in Sydney several years ago but these guys just blew me away. Sadly I missed seeing Varekai live when it toured here not too long ago. The fact that they are hot twins certainly doesn’t hurt their cause.

I’d turn for her

Over the last few years, one of the things some friends and I’ve discussed, in various groups is people you’d turn for. Whether from straight to gay or gay to straight. One of the women on my list is Michelle Pfeiffer, in a heartbeat. It all started with this movie. Batman Returns from 1992. I’m not into latex or whips or anything, but damn she just looks so freaking hot… Read More

Aussielicious Saturday

Yesterday was a public holiday in Australia and I managed to achieve a lot of stuff that I’ve been putting off, like cleaning and washing. Today, the sun is out and I’m in a great mood. I might go and harass some friends for a coffee or something a bit later. I’m enjoying Madonna’s new album as I write this (it’s really good) and at four o’clock I’m off to.. Read More

Ingo does Berlin

Ingo here sent me an email the other day. He’s just discovered Aussielicious and is working from the very start of the old incarnation and came across the nudity challenge. It seems Ingo isn’t shy at all and these photos were taken one day walking along the Unter Den Lindon in Berlin towards the Brandenburg Gate with other nude friends. He tells me there were about a dozen of them.. Read More

A simple pleasure

We all know that as soon as you take something away that’s when you miss it the most. Today the sun is out in Sydney but it’s still not warm. Winter is fast approaching and it’s predicted to be a cold wet one. All I feel like doing is going skinnydipping and lying in the sun soaking up the outdoors with some friends. I never got around to finding a.. Read More