Lest we forget

Today is ANZAC day here in Australia and New Zealand. It’s like Rememberance Day or Veterans Day. It is the day we remember all our war veterans and it’s the anniversary of the tragic Gallipoli landing in Turkey by Australian troops. Before dawn the Australian’s boats had drifted further than they realised and they stormed a beach that was surrounded by cliffs and hundreds died, picked off by Turkish troops.. Read More

Happy 100 to DNA

DNA launched 100 months ago and has since, from what I can tell become one of the most successful gay magazines around. Australia had had a few gay magazines in the past but DNA has managed to blast them out of the water. This issue has some great shots of gay lifesavers, most of them I know through the mardi gras float etc and all are great guys and damn.. Read More

Everything old is hot again

aussieBum has released it’s range of “Vintage” undies and they look very tasty indeed, especially on this rugged hot model. I like the video they’ve put together to go with the release. The idea of watching someone totally at ease in their own home is pretty hot but there’s one problem. People getting changed at home don’t put their undies on under a towel. I can’t even understand guys doing.. Read More