Discussions with a friend last night and often with other friends are always a source of surprise. Everyone makes assumptions about people we meet based on how they look, as to how they should act. Last night’s dinner companion surprised me when he told me he gets intimidated in certain situations, which shouldn’t surprise me as other close friends are always chastising me for not being more confident. They perceive me as being good looking and therefore I should be totally confident. The truth is I don’t like going out on the gay scene, not just because it’s shallow a lot of the time, but because I feel like I walk into a club and everyone’s thinking “he’s not all that”.

The one thing I’ve realised and I’m working on is that we all have to find our own source of confidence and contentment. Find it within, not from what other people think is important about you, and run with it!

I’ve always loved this photo. Sure the guy has all the physical reasons to be confident with an amazing body and beautiful face, but I reckon a smile like that comes from a fair way inside.