Superhero love?

I found this the other day and thought it was pretty funny. It’s another video like the one “How Gay is Top Gun” where they’ve edited footage from Smallville and put romantic music over the top. Enjoy Superman Loves AquamanUploaded by beachscenes

A change in the air?

For about the last month or 6 weeks or so, I’ve been going through one of those really flat phases. Just lacking direction, enthusiasm and hope really. Nothing drastically wrong, but just not feeling like I’m heading anywhere. I’ve noticed though, in the last week or so that the tide seems to be turning. Things are coming together. I don’t have a job yet but it’s not stressing me that.. Read More

Jonathan Thurston – Naked for a Cause

Jonathan Thurston is one of the guys right at the top of the tree in NRL Football here in Australia. He won the Dalley M Medal which is the top award and just keeps playing great Rugby League. He’s also part of a history of great Aboriginal sportsmen, especially footballers and… he’s hot. These shots are by Pedro Virgil for the Naked For a Cause calendar and soon to be.. Read More