Last night I was enjoying the El Circo experience with one of my other pole dancer colleagues enjoying the shows. One of the acts is a magician who had a cane that he seemingly made float around by itself. After his act his assistant/boyfriend (?) came and cleared his props away but accidentally left the cane propped in the corner. My mate and I were joking about having a look at it when he came back to get it. I joked with him that we were hoping he’d forget it so we could try and figure out how it was done, to which he turned and replied “Write about it on the blog and I’ll tell you how it works”. That just floored me. I do get recognised a little bit by people that read Aussielicious but usually at the nude beach or something that I’ve written about. A couple of my friends joke that I’m famous but if Kathy Griffin is on the D-List, that surely puts me way down on the Y (or why) list.