Hot Aussie Actor

This is Damian Walshe Howling. He’s a hot little pocket rocket Aussie actor. He got his break in a cop show set in the australian country and from what I can gather has done a fair bit of theatre work since. He’s now in a series based on the true-life story of Melbourne Gangland warfare, playing a sexy hitman for hire. The black and white shots are by my favourite.. Read More

Ryan, marry me?

There is something adorably goofy and sexy at the same time about Ryan Reynolds. He’d make you laugh while he danced nude around the kitchen making you breakfast. Well he does in my fantasy anyway. RyanRUploaded by planbflynn

Modelicious Tyler

Tyler Batchel. What more needs saying? He rocks the underwear as well as he rocks a sharp suit! God knows when he last ate a french fry, the poor dear, but I made up for it for him yesterday with a Big Mac Meal and a Cheeseburger. Where is that suit from? It’s great.

Hot hot hot

It’s Wednesday morning here in Sydney and it’s raining. Summer is gone but you can recapture the feeling when you see this video from aussieBum. It’s like a greatest hits mashup of lots of their videos, and it’s hot!