Do your dreams scare you? enthrall you? inspire you? or just plain baffle you? As a kid I used to have a recurring dream about being chased down my hill by a bad guy. I was never scared because in the dream I used to be able to fly away. Whenever I am getting sick or run down I seem to have really odd dreams and, while I’m not sick I did have very bizarre dreams last night. One of them was a bit disturbing.

I was swimming with a friend at the beach and found a body in the water which as a former lifeguard was quite upsetting. The other dream was just plain weird. I was still away with my family and my father was asleep in two different rooms at the same time.

I’ve never dreamt that I’m stranded in public naked, and frankly that wouldn’t bother me. I’ve never dreamt that I’m a superhero, being cloned or invisible, some of those could be fun.