It’s funny, writing this blog I think I’m giving a fair representation of myself. There are elements I will leave out for privacy reasons and others so I don’t bore you  to death.

I had an email while I was away, that I’ve just read, from a reader “Tom”  who said that I was going to have to get out of the scene before I meet anyone and that it seems like I’m quite wrapped up in the gay scene. I’m actually surprised by that statement as my friends are always trying to get me out on the scene more. I don’t feel comfortable in the gay scene all that much so rarely venture into the more popular gay bars. Sure I’m doing pole dancing at a gay bar with gay men and most of my close friends that I see regularly are gay but that is actually a big change for me from  a couple of years ago when most of my close friends were straight couples.

It’s fascinating that people can get such a different impression of me from my blog than I think I’m giving and different to what I think is accurate.