We’ve all done it. We’ve met someone and after just a few brief meetings you entertain all sorts of ideas of candlelit dinners, Labradors and happily ever afters all before you’ve even had a decent conversation.

Is it the idea that they represent that you are smitten with, or is it that they genuinely tick off a lot of the boxes on your list? Maybe it’s a combination of both, but then what happens if you don’t get a chance to decide? There’s someone you meet that you’d love the chance to get to know, as friends, co-parent to a Labrador or just someone to catch up with for the odd coffee. Sadly, despite them having the means and knowledge to get in touch, they don’t seem inclined to do so. While you justify their lack of contact by imagining they’ve lost their fingers in a tragic cheese grater incident, the truth could well be that they just aren’t that into you.

Do you just let it go the way of my twin fantasy and be put away in the file of “wouldn’t it be nice?”