How cool is this?

Take two cute gay twins, throw in an acoustic guitar, a reworked pop song and you get this! We love it.

The reaction!

Recently I posted a shot of a surfer in a wetsuit and a surfer nude in the water together and posed the question of how you would react if someone surfed past you naked. A couple of days ago I came across this photo of the same guys that shows exactly how a guy in a wetsuit reacted! The look on his face is priceless. It’s that exact moment that.. Read More

Technical problems

I got home from work yesterday and had every intention of doing a few posts but I think the server was down or something and I couldn’t access my own site. Oops. Not sure what happened but it still seems to be a bit glitchy.

James, James, he’s our man!

This is James Aubusson from the Naked for a Cause Calendar. I’ll have to admit that I hadn’t really studied my calendar thoroughly, rather waiting for the delights within to reveal themselves month by month. So it was that I’d not fully appreciated the delights of James until stumbling across a bevvy of shots of his bountiful beauty. His appeal is pretty apparent even to a cursory glance, the hours.. Read More