Le Cock Ring 2

Nikias from Esculpta has crafted this beautiful and very handy new version of his cock-ring. It’s a one-size-fits-all model that is adjustable so if you buy it for your boyfriend you know it’s going to fit!

Young gays, please read!

Towleroad this week had a story about researchers finding a gene that inhibits the development of HIV. That is exciting news but the part that really struck me was the following comment from an HIV positive man. “After being HIV positive for 20 years, I am running out of medication options. KNOW THIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS, HIV is not some “treatable” disease. Yes, one’s life can be extended and made.. Read More

Gay degrees of separation

We all know the theory that there are only 6 people forming a link between any two people on the planet. It would appear in the gay world that it’s more like 3 or 4. There is a phenomenon amongst gay men, and not just isolated within a nation but stretching across the globe, that if you meet someone that you find interesting, you only need ask amongst your friends.. Read More