At what point?

At what point do you just resign yourself to being single and somehow overriding a natural instinct to find a partner, no matter how romantically inclined you may be? That point is getting pretty close for me. I’ve always aspired to the kind of loving relationship that my parents have, 37 years into their marriage. They’ve worked hard to keep it together but from what I can see it’s been.. Read More

3rd place Valentine’s post

The guys over at Restoring Love had another poll for valentines day and asked some of the gay blogging world to submit their favourite post about love. The readers have voted and Aussielicious got 3rd place! Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Winter Challenge – Greg

Greg here sent in this pic for the winter challenge. He’s submitted pictures to Aussielicious a long time ago and been kind enough to do it again in obviously chilly circumstances! I’m actually not sure where Greg is, but while it looks cold, it looks very beautiful! Click on the image to see it larger!