This year’s mardi gras was built up with so much expectation being the 30th anniversary and I know for a lot of people it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was great to see Olivia Newton-John perform Xanadu but going to the party just reaffirmed that it’s not my thing these days. It was too big and just all a bit much, but it’s always good to see 20,000 people having the time of their life even if it is chemically enhanced.

For me the highlight was the parade. It was just as much fun the second time around but didn’t leave me on as much of a high this year. It was great to see the 78’ers got some good coverage on the news. They were the original surviving marchers from 30 years ago who marched in protest for the rights we take so much for granted today. In 1978 they were arrested, harrassed and their names were printed in the paper causing them to lose family and jobs. Thankfully, because of what they started, we can now march in celebration instead.