Mardi Gras wrap up.

This year’s mardi gras was built up with so much expectation being the 30th anniversary and I know for a lot of people it certainly didn’t disappoint. It was great to see Olivia Newton-John perform Xanadu but going to the party just reaffirmed that it’s not my thing these days. It was too big and just all a bit much, but it’s always good to see 20,000 people having the.. Read More

What would you do?

This photo intrigues me. There’s a guy out there on a board riding the waves nude, which is something that I’ve always wanted to do but there is a guy in a full length wetsuit which in my experience tends to suggest that the water is cold. Unless of course he’s feeling a bit body conscious and wanted some support. It makes me wonder what the guy in the wetsuit.. Read More