THIS is why I like swimmers

Having spent many of my formative years face down in a pool, which some say explains a lot, I’ve spent a lot of time around swimmers. While I can kinda see the appeal of speedos on guys, I generally see them as a functional piece of clothing but as we all know I prefer not to wear them at all! For me it’s much more about the guy in the.. Read More

DNA #98

Chris Rockway is just smoking hot. This is why I’m devastatingly attracted to straight boys. Sure he might not be as straight as an arrow, considering he does the gay-for-pay porn thing, but he’s rugged, hot, sexy, and there’s the element of fantasy that says he might be up for it. Check out the full interview in the new issue of DNA.

Get naked in your city!

Matthew from NYC Dancer Boy has started a new blog called Naked In The City and is calling for submissions of stories and pics of your favourite/first/strangest/best/wildest nude experiences. I know there are lots of readers out there who love being nude, so send Matt your story!