Coming up for nine years ago I started auditions for the first series of “So you think you can date” and after nine years the producers and I thought we might have got down to at least the semi-finals by now, but it would appear that we are still putting together those audition episodes where the people with no clue show up thinking they are Mr Right.

There have been a few with serious talent show up over the years but they’ve stumbled in the auditions or given it their all too early and burnt out quickly. There have been others that would have been serious contenders for the title but at the last minute they’ve decided on an alternate competition or we’ve discovered a pre-existing contract elsewhere.

One or two others have showed up and a bit like those cranky-hungry girls on America’s Next Top Anorexic have thought they already had the title and were out shopping for jewellery and a picket fence when our audition bus hit the accelerator and left their deluded arses behind.

It’s funny that as I get older some things that were on the list as mandatories are now not at all important but other things have stepped up to replace them. One day we’ll find a winner, hopefully and we can settle in for the ride.