Who do you pick for the Team?

  Last night I had the pleasure of chatting to Michal, the brains behind Teamm8 underwear, host of Boy About Town TV and singer, who very pleasantly surprised me by being very down to earth and chilled out. There’s still a bit of time left to go and vote for your favourite Teamm8 to go head to head  with Jason, our favourite from the last Teamm8 photo shoot (main pic,.. Read More

Do you like to watch?

  It’s a sad thing that gang showers seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs these days. There is something so sexy about a bunch of men standing around together all wet and soapy, even when nothing sexual is going on. There are hundreds of “hidden camera” shots out there of guys in public showers being photographed without their knowledge which is really dodgy but there is obviously.. Read More