Like that itch that just won’t go away, Valentine’s has flared up again in a rash of commercial sentimentality across Sydney. The symptoms are everywhere, blotches of red roses, cards and shiny wrapped chocolates everywhere, men are looking stressed and women anxious. What says I love you without her expecting a diamond? Will he send me anything or is it another year on the shelf?

This year my immunity is up and I don’t seem to be hit with the VD blues… yet. It’s funny how, as a single guy, even though it is commercial bullshit, the whole thing can get you down. This is the millionth year in a row that I’ve not had someone to snuggle up to. Being the total romantic that I am, it’s those little things I want, someone to make coffee for, someone to cuddle when I get home, someone to sit silent with on the lounge, experience all those great things that are better shared. I have loads of friends that I love, but no one I’m in love with.

To everyone that’s feeling the same, and to everyone that’s briefly flitted across my romantic radar this year, and to everyone that reads this blog happy Valentines day!