Here is the first pic from our rehearsal on thursday night. The pace has definitely been wound up from last year’s march with a more energetic routine, albeit with a similar flavour, we are lifesavers not dancers after all. I for one, am really pumped to be in the parade again and this year I’m not making the mistake of going home afterwards, I’m going to the party and skaking my groove thing all night.  Last year I went home and lay in bed so wound up I couldn’t sleep all night, instead I lay there still doing the routine over and over with Bonnie Tyler telling me she was still holding out for a hero.

Check the bruises on my left arm from silks on Tuesday night. I got a little tangled doing a trick. Oops. Some have said it makes me look tough. I disagree, I look like a $5 crack whore who’s pimp wasn’t satisfied.

For those still yet to join our float who are eligible, head over to Life Savers With Pride and register.