I want what I can’t have.

Not having an unlimited supply of wealth at times puts a few limits on one’s life, which isn’t always a bad thing. I’m sure with vast sums of money at my disposal I would have a massive collection of trivial stuff, especially of the shiny and fun variety. I saw these shorts on a certain male model (click the pic to see who) and decided they would make the perfect.. Read More

I’m giddy with excitement

I loved Batman Begins and it looks like they’ve made The Dark Knight just as dark and as good. Given that the Joker is clearly a tormented soul, perhaps it’s fitting that it was the last film that Heath finished before his death. I can’t wait to see it. Batman – The Dark Knight – Trailer Officiel [VO]Uploaded by Lyricis

Chad’s Attitude

New photos of Chad White are always a blessing, and when I discover them on a Sunday morning, it’s almost like a little slice of my own religious affirmation. This time Chad is working to make a black and gold sequinned hood look hot, and somehow still does it. I’d make him work a lot less hard and just have him nude of course, but that’s just me.

First rehearsal!

Here is the first pic from our rehearsal on thursday night. The pace has definitely been wound up from last year’s march with a more energetic routine, albeit with a similar flavour, we are lifesavers not dancers after all. I for one, am really pumped to be in the parade again and this year I’m not making the mistake of going home afterwards, I’m going to the party and skaking.. Read More