Grand Central Freeze

I found this video and tried to post it earlier today but it glitched out the blog. How bizarre and cool would it be to come across over 200 people just standing frozen still, as if time had wrinkled, in the middle of Grand Central Station. Very cool!

We love team sports

The standard perception of old that gay men don’t like team sports is changing and why the hell wouldn’t it with team bonding hijinx like this? Team sports are what got me over my prudish shy ways. I’d always been incredibly self-conscious growing up until I joined the surf club at the age of 23 and started rowing surf boats. There was no way to shower in your speedos after.. Read More

Random bits and pieces

What broke my heart today? Hearing my 5 year old nephew has been in tears the last two days when my sister has dropped him off at school. He’s not enjoying it. What made me laugh today? Reading a quote from Calvin & Hobbes “It’s hard to believe in religion when some people aren’t incinerated by lightening.” What I’m loving? Trapeze class last night, silks class tonight and  really looking.. Read More