I’ve been doing the odd photo shoot for people’s online profile photos and a few days ago I was approached by someone wanting some shots done. I told him how much I charge, which just covers time really. Yesterday morning I had a response from him saying “I know your profile says that photos doesn’t mean sex but if I pay you extra would that be ok?”

I don’t think I’m a fantastic shag in the first place but for god’s sake I’m hardly going to be any good if the only reason I’m doing it is because someone is paying me and I don’t even find them attractive. Despite the fact that the guy clearly can’t comprehend what I’ve written I sent a message back saying I wouldn’t do his shots and I was quite offended. To which he responded that he didn’t mean it like that. How else was I supposed to take it?

Escorts, hookers, prostitutes, hustlers, what ever you call them, they provide a very necessary service, but I’m not one and couldn’t do it. I’ll stick to having sex with people I find attractive for free.