Kylie’s video pulled off air

Kylie’s new video to Wow has been pulled for it’s strobe lights. Apparently they break the guidelines on use of strobes. Check out the article in the Sun, here.

Men walking slowly nearly naked

I don’t know if this show was any good but if it’s like America’s Next Top Model it’s car crash television that’s irresistible. Ok the guys competing are hot but the hottest thing is Tyson Beckford. Even in a shirt, tie and sweater he is absolutely SMOKING hot, but then at the end he generously disrobes for us. Yay.

Mardi Gras art exhibition

Angelo is taking part in a group show as part of this year’s Mardi Gras Festival, at the Tap Gallery from the 12 Feb to 1 March. There will be some great artists involved in the show along with a heap of other stuff to do over the festival so get out there and get some gay culture! I’m notoriously slack when it comes to this kinda thing, but I’ll.. Read More

A hard day on the slopes

Those of you who can ski or snow board will know that at the end of a long day on the slopes it’s hard enough to get those bloody boots off let alone everything else. So I have to say I admire these guys for doing it in the carpark and having the forethought to bring a camera.