Random hottie of the day

This morning I dropped a friend who is staying with me at Bondi beach to catch up with one of his friends and I took the opportunity to wander around and people (man) watch, a favourite past time. I’m not a huge fan of Bondi, it’s a beautiful beach but the 1km long promenade is seen as a bit of a catwalk by a lot of people wanting to pose,.. Read More

It’s in his kiss

I found this video and thought not only was it a bit hot, it’s very sweet. It’s full of gay kisses through the years from Hollywood. That Westborough baptist bunch o’ freaks is going to be busy picketing some big names for everyone playing gay. In this video we’ve got Tom Selleck, Kevin Kline, Antonio Sabato Jr, Christopher Reeve, Jake & Heath, Brendan Fraser, Hugh Grant, and a stack of.. Read More

It’s all back to front

A friend of mine from the gym and I were discussing the antics and lengths some guys will go to so that other guys don’t see their cock in the changeroom at the gym. It’s hilarious to watch the contortion and gymnastics guys will do to pull underwear on and off under a towel. My friend however loves the guys that will drop their towel to pull their underwear on.. Read More