Welcome to Aussielicious.com.au! It’s Australia Day here down under. It is 220 years ago today that the first fleet of Australian settlers, largely convicted criminals no matter how petty, landed on Australian soil.

Who would have known that a couple of hundred years later, we’d have treated the natives horrendously, and still do, and become one of the premier tourist destinations in the world.

Australia Day for most Aussies isn’t about recognising our history, but a day to play cricket (backyard, street or beach) drink a fair amount of alcohol, sing tragically and get a bit sunburnt. The Australian of the year was announced last night and was Lee Kernigan. He’s an Australian country singer that most Australians would be hard pressed to name one of his songs. Go figure. We have world leaders in medicine, science, environment and all sorts of other fields and we go and recognise some guy most of us don’t know.

Welcome to Aussielicious.com.au. It’s going to follow on from where the blogger version left off, with lots of nude men, hopefully some interviews, healthy debates and a lot of sarcasm and fun.