Look at the pretty, hung, muscle man

Leighton Stultz is one very hot man. I’d seen photos of him around a while back and then even saw a full frontal somewhere but thanks to Bentblog I am now fully aware that he’s done a shoot for Playgirl which I think we should all give thanks for.   I thought it was important that for the first nude on the new version of Aussielicious be not only pretty.. Read More

Live on Australia Day

Welcome to Aussielicious.com.au! It’s Australia Day here down under. It is 220 years ago today that the first fleet of Australian settlers, largely convicted criminals no matter how petty, landed on Australian soil. Who would have known that a couple of hundred years later, we’d have treated the natives horrendously, and still do, and become one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. Australia Day for most Aussies isn’t.. Read More